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Main principles of Blockchain Telecom ecosystem ("BT")

What target direct interaction between mobile operators without intermediators, agreements and integration
How interacts set of transactions called "Smart Contracts"
How processed by Blockchain servers called "Nodes"
Who owns mobile operators and service providers who joined the ecosystem
Whose software open-source, any operator can review it
How to join by voting of the ecosystem members
How to pay direct payments between operators in SDR

Definition of Terms

Term Description
Assignee A participant who has published an Offer onto Blockchain Telecom ecosystem
Blockchain Telecom ecosystem Industrial Blockchain developed for Mobile Operators and Service Providers in order to provide interaction between them via Smart Contracts
BTClient Open-source client developed using PostgreSQL, Perl and PHP, to provide interaction between Blockchain Telecom, a Participant, and/or its subscribers
Issuer A participant who has created a Request to an Offer Assignee on behalf of its subscriber
Mobile Operator Mobile Network Operator or Mobile Virtual Network Operator
Mobile Profile Set of keys for secure registration of a SIM-module in the mobile network of Mobile Operator who owns this Mobile profile
Offer A service with detailed description and price (in SDRt) published by any Participant
OTA platform Software solution for remote downloading of a mobile profile onto SIM-module according to Telecom standards
Participant Mobile Operators and Service Providers connected to Blockchain Telecom ecosystem
Request Order on an Offer selected by a subscriber of any Participant
Service Provider Any company who provides non-telecom services. Examples: Music provider, TV provider, Antivirus provider, Personal Cloud provider and so on
SIM-module SIM-card / SIM-chip / SoftSIM : hardware or software module for secure registration of a mobile device in a mobile network according to Telecom standards


Abbreviation Description
APDU Application Protocol Data Unit
BC Blockchain
BT Blockchain Telecom ecosystem
FIAT Any money declared by a government to be legal tender (USD, EUR and so on)
IMSI International Mobile Subscriber Identity
MCC Mobile Country Code
MNC Mobile Network Code
MO Mobile Operator
OTA “Over-the-Air”
PLMN Public Land Mobile Network
PT Participant
SSC Special Smart Contract
SDR Special-Drawing-Rights
SDRt Cryptocurrency pegged to SDR
SMDP Subscription Management Data Preparation. A platform developed according to SGP.22 or SGP.02 standards and certified by GSMA
SMPP Short Message Peer-to-Peer
SP Service Provider
USIM Universal Subscriber Identity Module