Subscription Management

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In order to register a SIM-card in operator’s network, it’s necessary to download operator’s mobile profile onto SIM card (or the built-in SIM chip in the customer’s mobile device). Mobile profile is an IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) and a set of secret keys for authentication.

Symmetric key exchange, organized within the smart-contracts from first transaction is very useful for such kinds of interactions in BT, allowing parties organize fast and secure communication channels, saving time and resources spent for extra challenge - response handshakes between operators' equipment.

It allows secure downloading of Assignee mobile profile on the client's SIM card or exchanging any kind of secret data between participants. The necessary symmetric key can be obtained by both parties from "Offer" and “Request” transactions.

Downloading mobile profile is performed by Issuer in accordance with one of the standards for the telecom industry:

The solution for safe mobile profile downloading and installing is already realized by our team, or Issuer can use solutions from other companies, but it’s important that these solutions should comply the telecom standards above.