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Detailed description of the Blockchain Telecom API is under section Client's API


Any Request Issuer can use own user interfaces for communication with own subscribers. In order to provide access to multiple Offers published in Blockchain Telecom ecosystem, the Issuer should implement the following business logic:

Integration with own UI.png

1. New Offers and Canceled Offers are updated via "New Offer is published on Blockchain" and "One of existing Offers is canceled" callbacks. It's important to process these events to have an actual list of Offers
2. These Offers are represented to subscribers via your own user interfaces, with own descriptions and retail prices
3. On selection an Offer, the Request Issuer should make a "Start a new Request" call, with the subscriber's Digital Identity, encrypted with the Offer Assignee public PGP-key
4. When the Offer Assignee accepts the Request, the Request Issuer receives "A Request is accepted by Offer Assignee API call, with details regarding the service such as mobile profile data, activation code and so on
5. The last step is to provide subscriber with the information required for the service usage. Now she/he is ready to be served by the Offer Assignee.