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Downloading of a mobile profile onto SIM-card

A brief demonstration how subscribers can be connected with local rates and LTE quality around the world.

Generating and processing transactions onto Blockchain

Live demonstration of mobile carriers' interconnection via Blockchain. New Offers and Requests are created and broadcasted in real-time mode, and a new mobile profile was downloaded onto SIM-card of a subscriber (please use HD quality and subtitles)

Aggregated Offers of Telecom and Value-added services

Easy way to increase revenue and profit on each subscriber by expanding list of services without agreements, integration and investments (please use HD quality and subtitles)

Publish an Offer on Blockchain

How any mobile operator or service provider can join the Blockchain Telecom ecosystem in 15 minutes and distribute own Offers among other participants

Benefits of Blockchain technology

Presentation of Blockchain Telecom ecosystem at MVNOs Europe in London (November'2017)