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Sandbox features

Sandbox is available at Login and password are required for authorized access. You can check all features described in the Wiki:

* Web Account
* Client's API
* Blockchain API
* Download a new mobile profile

Both Telecom and Non-Telecom Offers, with real mobile profiles, are already available in the Sandbox. You can customize them, download on the test SIM-cards and test their connectivity.

You can create and manage own telecom and non-telecom Offers. All operations are logged under Operation Logs section.

Inside a test SIM-card

Test SIM-card are produced with Multi-Account SIM applet which allows downloading and management of multiple mobile profiles. Initially only domestic mobile profile is pre-installed on the test SIM-card.

SIM applet is created according to SIM Toolkit 9.0 specification. It's available under SIM menu section both on iOS and Android.

SIM menu EN.png

Multiple language are supported. In order to change a language, please use item #3 of the SIM-menu:

SIM menu RU.png

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Case "Create a new Offer and broadcast it via Blockchain"

Case "Create an Aggregated Offer"

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